#WilliamsWeek – Day 1

It’s #WilliamsWeek! Let’s celebrate the birthday of legendary composer John Williams with a quote from him and a piece of his music every day from today until February 8, the day in which the Maestro will turn 87.  We want to celebrate him on this special occasion both with his words and his music, something that continues to be a great source inspiration for many musicians, listeners and music lovers all around the world.

John Williams, 2012 (Portrait by Justin Fantl)

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1m1: Celebrating a rich musical legacy

John Williams during a rehearsal with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra (September 2017) Photography by Kurt Heinecke

To everyone landing on this blog: Welcome to The Legacy of John Williams.

My name is Maurizio Caschetto, I’m from Milano, Italy and I am a longtime admirer of the music of John Williams. The music of Maestro Williams accompanied my cinematic dreams since childhood, when I was a little kid dreaming about the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Superman and little Elliot and his alien friend from outer space. I literally grew up with the music of John Williams accompanying my everyday life until nowadays, where I’m about to reach the so-called middle life point of age 40. Continue reading “1m1: Celebrating a rich musical legacy”