About Us

The purpose and mission of The Legacy of John Williams


The internet is already rich with websites and pages dedicated to the music of John Williams. Many of these websites are made by fans and admirers of John Williams’s music and their principal goal is to provide information and useful resources about the Maestro’s upcoming and recent works, including news of upcoming soundtrack releases, concert appearances around the world, CD and LP reviews and a great wealth of biographical and catalogue information.

The goal of “The Legacy of John Williams” is different—the aim of this blog is to build a platform to celebrate and promote the cultural and aesthetic importance that the music of John Williams had (and it’s still having) on many people around the world, especially musicians, composers, film professionals, music scholars, historians and people that, in one way or another, chose their school and career path after being influenced by John Williams and his music. The end goal is to gather written, filmed and recorded materials to build a reference archive for anyone interested in studying the music of one of the world’s leading composers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Legacy of John Williams is not affiliated or directly involved with the composer himself or his representatives. It’s an unofficial website, completely ad-free and fully non-profit. It’s not affiliated with his agency nor with any film and record companies he works with. If you want to get in touch with the Maestro’s representatives to write a letter, please refer to the Contact information.