Taking Flight: Mike Matessino on SUPERMAN 40th Anniversary Soundtrack (Part 1)


Soundtrack producer Mike Matessino presents Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary Remastered Edition, a new release from La-La Land Records of John Williams’ soaring score

Hosted by Maurizio Caschetto and Tim Burden

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Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary Remastered Edition is a 3-disc set available from La-La Land Records featuring a full restoration of John Williams’ score for the 1978 film directed by Richard Donner and starring Christopher Reeve as Superman/Clark Kent, Margot Kidder as Lois Lane, Gene Hackman as arch-villian Lex Luthor and Marlon Brando as Superman’s father Jor-El. The movie is beloved by generations of film and comic-book aficionados and it’s still regarded by many as the best superhero film ever made. John Williams wrote one of the most thrilling, soaring symphonic scores of his career, giving the main character a signature theme that still is the perfect musical translation of the iconic comic-book superhero created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Featuring a shining performance from the London Symphony Orchestra (brilliantly captured by engineer Eric Tomlinson), the Academy Award-nominated score continues to resonate even 40 years later.

Christopher Reeve as Superman (Photo from the Caped Wonder Archive Collection. Used with permission)

La-La Land Records’ new release is assembled, mixed and produced by soundtrack record producer Mike Matessino from recently discovered first-generation 2-inch 24-track scoring sessions master tapes, giving the score an unprecedented clarity and a brilliant, full sound. The remastering has been approved by composer John Williams himself.

The first two discs feature the complete film score presentation in its full, unedited form, followed by a large selection of alternate and unused versions (some of which never heard before). Disc 3 offers a remastered version of the original 1978 soundtrack album, rebuilt from these newly-discovered master tapes.

In Part 1 of this exclusive interview, Mike Matessino talks to The Legacy of John Williams‘s editor Maurizio Caschetto and radio presenter/concert producer Tim Burden about this new release, also by revisiting previous incarnations of the score he worked on during the past decade, revealing how the working process changed through the years and how the soundtrack market business evolved. Mike also pays tribute to his friend Nick Redman, the legendary soundtrack producer and documentary filmmaker who recently passed away.

John Williams during the recording sessions for Superman: The Movie in 1978 (Photo from the Caped Wonder Archive Collection. Used with permission)

Superman The Movie – 40th Anniversary Remastered Edition is available at lalandrecords.com

Thanks to Mike Matessino and Tim Burden. A very special thanks to La-La Land Records’ Michael V. Gerhard and Matt Verboys.

Thanks to Jim Bowers (Caped Wonder Superman Imagery) for the permission in using pictures from his Caped Wonder Superman Imagery Archive Collection. Visit his terrific website for the best experience on the internet about Christopher Reeve’s Superman films

Music selections featured in the podcast used under authorization from La-La Land Records (promotional use)

This feature is dedicated in loving memory of Nick Redman (1955-2019)