SCORE MASTERS: Celebrating John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith

Ipswich Film Theatre presents, in collaboration with The Legacy of John Williams and The Goldsmith Odyssey, SCORE MASTERS: Celebrating John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith

February marks the birthday month of film composers John Williams (b. February 8, 1932) and the late Jerry Goldsmith (b. February 10, 1929). To mark this special occasion, the Ipswich Film Theatre, in collaboration with The Legacy of John Williams and The Goldsmith Odyssey podcast, presents an online roundtable discussion to celebrate the lives and careers of illustrious composers Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams with the help of esteemed composers, conductors, musicians, writers and professionals who worked with them. It will be a unique occasion to establish the huge historical and cultural significance of both composers and their legacy in Hollywood’s film music.

Joining the discussion are some of the most creative and talented artists working in the field: Academy Award-nominated composer and conductor David Newman (composer of Galaxy Quest, Ice Age, Anastasia), Grammy award-winning classical conductor Leonard Slatkin (Music Director Laureate of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra), music recording engineer Bruce Botnick (known for his work with rock legends The Beach Boys and The Doors, as well as both Williams and Goldsmith), soundtrack record producer Michael Matessino (Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Harry Potter: The John Williams Soundtrack Collection), writer and journalist Jeff Bond (Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Art and Visual Effects, Danse Macabre: 25 Years of Danny Elfman and Tim Burton), classical and film composer Leanna Primiani, and studio pianist/keyboardist Mike Lang, who has worked extensively with both Williams and Goldsmith. This distinguished panel of guests discuss at length the art, the music and the legacy of both legendary composers.

The panel is moderated by The Legacy of John Williams editor/producer Maurizio Caschetto, The Goldsmith Odyssey hosts Yavar Moradi and W. David Licthy and Film Music Foundation board member and The Legacy of John Williams collaborator Tim Burden.

SCORE MASTERS is an event initiated by Daniel Champion for Ipswich Film Theatre and produced by Maurizio Caschetto for The Legacy of John Williams and Yavar Moradi for The Goldsmith Odyssey.

Video Editing and Post-Production by Maurizio Caschetto

Special Thanks to Carroll Newman, Irwin Chusid, Diana Castelnuovo-Tedesco, John Norris, Dave Norris and Marilee Bradford for the help and support.

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