Legacy Conversations Video Series Ep.1: “Growing Up With John Williams”

Editor Maurizio Caschetto and contributor Gianmaria Caschetto talk with UnderScore podcast hosts Will & Marty Brueggemann about growing up as brothers listening to the music of John Williams

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What happens when you discover and start to love music when you’re still a little kid and share this passion with one of your siblings? This is the starting point of this in-depth discussion between two pairs of brothers with many things in common, specifically the love for the music of John Williams. One of the missions of this website is to celebrate and discuss the huge influence of the Maestro among at least two generations of people who literally grew up and became adults while listening to his music, and how it helped shape lives and even careers of millions of people around the world.

Marty & Will Brueggemann, the hosts of “UnderScore”, a podcast show entirely devoted to film music analysis

Brothers Will Brueggemann and Marty Brueggemann are two of the most admired podcasters among the niche of film music aficionados on the internet. Their show, UnderScore: A Podcast of Music and Story, offers insightful musical analysis of such major film scores as The Wizard of Oz, Vertigo, Back to the Future, detailing the work of the composers who wrote them through refined and thorough discussions. UnderScore offers a balanced mix of analytical study and historical documentation beyond the fan-based mentality that sometimes plagues discussions about the subject matter. Several episodes focused on the work of their hero John Williams, including multi-part discussions on Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Their podcast also offers interviews with top film music professionals like orchestrator Conrad Pope, composers Joe Kraemer and John Lunn, and engineer Alan Snelling. Will’s and Marty’s approach to the subject of film music is refreshingly direct and profound at the same time, always careful to let the listener understand the overall narrative arc of the score discussed, while also offering analytical examples on the nuts and bolts of the musical grammar (harmony, rhythm, texture) that lies beneath the surface.

Their unbridled love for the subject matter, and specifically for John Williams’ music, makes them the perfect guests for this new series of video conversations on The Legacy of John Williams. In this first episode, titled “Growing Up With John Williams”, editor Maurizio Caschetto and contributor/illustrator Gianmaria Caschetto sit down with Will and Marty to discuss what it means to grow up listening to the music of Maestro Williams. Both pairs of brothers were raised in similar contexts and started to fall in love with Williams’ music for such films as Superman, E.T. and Star Wars since childhood (as happened to millions of fans and admirers of the Maestro around the globe). The discussion goes on to talk about Williams’ unrivaled compostional prowess, his daring harmonic choices and his uncanny ability to craft the perfect melody for the film. More thoughts are also offered about what makes John Williams’ music so exciting for kids and young people.

Illustration by Gianmaria Caschetto

The Legacy of John Williams is focused to celebrate the art of Maestro Williams mainly through talks and articles dedicated to the many musicians and collaborators who worked with him, conversations with esteemed musicians who went to have successful and important careers in the film and music industry, and analytical articles and podcast discussions which can offer historical context and aesthetic perspective for a better and deeper appreciation of Williams’ work and helping to build a reference archive for future students and historians. For this very reason, The Legacy of John Williams usually avoids self-centered writings and autobiographical content, but for this specific conversation I’m happy to make an exception because it blends well to the overall sense and purpose of this project. Having two couples of siblings discussing what it means growing up with John Williams is a testament of the Maestro’s incredible legacy and his ability to touch people’s lives in many different and profound ways.

A sample of the very first John Williams soundtrack albums that accompanied the childhood and youth days of both pairs of brothers

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