Announcing ‘THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP: John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra’ Video Event

John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios (2005) Photo © Michael Humphrey / LSO

Coming May 4th, an exclusive online video event featuring special guests to celebrate one of the most legendary collaborations in the history of music: John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra

The Legacy of John Williams is proud to announce an exclusive online video event coming May 4 dedicated to one of the most iconic and beloved collaborations in the history of music.

THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP: John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra will explore the 40+ years collaboration between the legendary film music Maestro and one of the world’s leading symphonic institutions in a conversation featuring several former and current members of the LSO who performed under John Williams’ baton in many of his iconic scores recorded in London: Sir Clive Gillinson (former Cellist from 1970 and subsequently LSO Managing Director from 1984 to 2005), David Cripps (former Principal Horn, Member from 1971 to 1983), Maxine Kwok (First Violinist, Member since 2001), David Jackson (Percussionist, Member since 1996). Joining this esteemed group of musicians is Planning Director Sue Mallet, a member of the LSO family since 1976, who worked closely with John Williams in his projects with the LSO since the early days.

John Williams and the LSO recording the very first Star Wars film score at Anvil Studios in Denham, March 1977. Photo © Lucasfilm Ltd.

The panelists will talk about their experiences recording and performing with John Williams on such legendary films as the original Star Wars trilogy, Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Star Wars prequel trilogy and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but also on several other recording projects and live performances. Each one of them will offer their thoughts on working with the Maestro, who is affectionately referred by the orchestra as “The Guv’nor” (the governor), as well as memories of some of the LSO star members like Maurice Murphy. The event is moderated by The Legacy of John Williams’ editor/producer Maurizio Caschetto and film music journalist/concert producer Tim Burden.

John is a musicians’ musician. I remember those sessions so clearly, it was a pivotal moment for the LSO,” said David Cripps, who had the distinguished honour of playing many exquisite horn parts for Williams, including the iconic solo in ‘Princess Leia’s Theme’. “This relationship is really one of the things that defined the LSO for a very long time,” commented Sir Clive Gillinson, “John is such a special person, as well as a great artist.”

The event will premiere on May 4 (a.k.a. Star Wars Day) at 8PM BST / 3PM EST / 12PM PST here at The Legacy of John Williams’ website and official YouTube channel.

John Williams recording Superman with the LSO (1978). Photo © Warner Bros., courtesy of Jim Bowers/

To get you in the right mood for this special event, Tim Burden produced a riveting musical tribute montage dedicated to this special relationship in music, featuring excerpts from the beloved film scores and compositions by John Williams recorded with the LSO from 1977 until today, as well as quotes by the Maestro himself culled from interviews, documentaries and featurettes released over the years. Sit back, relax and enjoy this magical musical journey with John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra.

An Unforgettable 40+ Years Musical Journey, from 1977 until today

The Special Relationship: John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra premieres May 4, 2021 here and at our official YouTube Channel.