‘SpaceCamp’ Expanded Edition Preview

Listen to an exclusive preview of the expanded release of John Williams’ SpaceCamp, now available from Intrada

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The Legacy of John Williams presents a “bonus” episode celebrating the release of the expanded edition of one of John Williams‘ most uplifting and joyous scores from the 1980s: SpaceCamp, composed for the 1986 film directed by Harry Winer and starring Kate Capshaw, Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston, Tate Donovan, Larry B. Scott and a very young Joaquin Phoenix, telling the story of a group of young kids accidentally launched deep into outer space during an astronaut training program. Specialty soundtrack label Intrada just announced the release of a 2-CD set featuring the complete film score composed by John Williams on disc 1 (mastered from the original three-track film mixes by engineer Armin Steiner), and the original soundtrack album program as mixed for record by Len Engel from a newly mastered hi-res transfer of the 1/4″ album master on disc 2. This new edition is brilliantly assembled, mastered and produced by Mike Matessino, who also wrote detailed liner notes chronicling the film’s history and production and providing an excellent analysis of the score.

“In composing the music, I’ve tried to express the exhilaration of this adventure in an orchestral idiom that would be direct and accessible… speaking directly to the “heart” of the matter.”

John Williams

An in-depth conversation with Mike Matessino discussing this new release is coming soon on The Legacy of John Williams podcast, but as a gift to our readers and listeners, The Legacy of John Williams presents a bonus “prologue” episode featuring two full tracks from this new release, including the long-awaited unreleased cue “Arriving at Daedalus”, perhaps one of the most sought-after in the long list of previously unreleased pieces from Williams’ filmography. Tim Burden and Maurizio Caschetto provide commentary to both tracks. Sit back, relax and prepare to enjoy a special treat, courtesy of Intrada and Mike Matessino.

An excerpt from the liner notes written by Mike Matessino and the full roster of the Los Angeles studio musicians who performed on SpaceCamp (courtesy of Intrada)

Special Thanks to Douglass Fake, Roger Feigelson and Jeff Johnson at Intrada, and to Mike Matessino.

Order your copy of SpaceCamp Expanded Edition at Intrada’s website:

SpaceCamp Expanded Edition 2-CD set

Artwork by Kay Marshall, courtesy of Intrada

Track List:

01. Main Title (3:10)
02. The Jinx Connection* (0:31)
03. Friends Forever (2:23)
04. Training Montage (2:07)
05. The Computer Room (1:55)
06. Jinx Commits* (1:19)
07. The Shuttle (5:10)
08. In Orbit (3:19)
09. Insufficient Oxygen (3:25)
10. Arriving At Daedalus And Morse Code* (2:09)
11. Viewing Daedalus (2:50)
12. I Can’t Reach It* (1:51)
13. Max Finds Courage (2:24)
14. Max Breaks Loose (2:25)
15. Rudy Comes Through* (1:38)
16. Andie Is Stranded (4:13)
17. White Sands (Film Version) (3:41)
18. Re-Entry (4:00)
19. Home Again (3:34)
20. SpaceCamp (4:12)
Total Score Time: 56:43

21. Main Title (Film Version)* (3:14)
22. White Sands [Album Edit] (6:57)
23. Home Again (Short Version) (2:44)
Total Extras: 13:05
Total Disc Time: 69:53
*previously unreleased

01. Main Title (3:08)
02. Training Montage (2:02)
03. The Shuttle (5:05)
04. The Computer Room (1:56)
05. Friends Forever (2:22)
06. In Orbit (3:15)
07. White Sands (6:55)
08. SpaceCamp (4:09)
09. Viewing Daedalus (2:48)
10. Max Breaks Loose (2:23)
11. Andie Is Stranded (4:11)
12. Max Finds Courage (2:22)
13. Re-Entry (3:57)
14. Home Again (3:33)
Total Time: 48:36