Celebrating John Williams—with Richard Kaufman

Exclusive podcast featuring the pre-concert talk hosted by The Legacy of John Williams in Dublin on February 2022

Presented by Tim Burden

In February 2022, the month of John Williams’ 90th Birthday, the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland staged a weekend of sold out concerts celebrating the maestro’s landmark birthday. The conductor was Richard Kaufman and The Legacy of John Williams was delighted to present two pre-concert talks with Richard at Dublin’s iconic National Concert Hall.

Prior to the talk we screened our tribute video and images and video clips were presented to the audience members throughout the talk.

The audio was recorded by the NCH and what follows is the full 30+ minute talk hosted by Head Contributor Tim Burden, featuring Richard discussing his personal and professional experiences with John Williams, with whom he shares a long-lasting friendship. There are also insightful questions from the audience which gave a suitable intro to both Williams concerts. Please also enjoy the exclusive photos and videos from the rehearsals.

The concerts were filmed for broadcast on RTE & online and the full show can be seen at this link:

Special Thanks to Cathy Stokes (NSO Artistic Planner)

Richard Kaufman discusses John Williams during the pre-concert talk at National Concert Hall in Dublin, February 2022
TLOJW Head Contributor Tim Burden with Richard Kaufman in Dublin, February 2022

Exclusive Video from the rehearsal of the concert with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland (filmed by Tim Burden)